About Us


Remember the song Hustle? It topped the charts in 1975 and even won a Grammy in 1976. And the famous dance. One could see people enjoying the catch call name for several ‘disco’ dances, steps similar to the Discofox. Well they even gave a name for it — the New York hustle or the Manhattan hustle. But come 1999 Kennedy Lobo and David D’Souza decided that this hustler would hustle differently. With good acoustics and keeping in tune with the present generation, their stylistic origins of ‘house’ music is a combo of the disco, garage, funk, electro… People lose themselves to this music; perhaps it is time to call it the Goa hustle. One…two…three…four…five…six. Those are the hustle steps. Well, the actual meaning of the word Kamaki is hustler, and that is what most people do there regularly: they hustle.

With the colourful bar — you cannot but be drawn to the place to unwind and gyrate and do your ‘thing’ till the wee 4 hours of the morning. And for those who need to quench their thirst before or after a vigorous workout, the well-stocked bar provides relief to the dancing shoes. Open from 6pm to 4am, Kamaki ensures that nourishment besides the spirited variety is available too. There is a repertoire of local favourites on the menu… Goan, Indian, Continental, Italian and Oriental. So ‘boogey’ (hustle) the night away at Kamaki — it is a one-stop point of enjoyment.